Promoting Sustainablity

By sharing and listening we will improve. Networking community efforts is important to this covey, and we would like to draw attention to local organizations.


Please feel free to contact us and suggest your favorite!

The constant reimagination of the world around us is an enriching goal we strive to support. Sustainable thrivability is hidden within our surroundings, and the responsibility of being human pulls us towards these secrets to achieve ecological advancements. Here are some sustainable solutions envisioned by a group of students at the University of Oregon.

The button below is a link to a wonderful website situated in the Eugene Oregon area that provides a great example of modern barter communities and the value of sharing and connecting with people. 





Eugene/Veneta, OR

Harrison, ID


Quail in the City

  • urban covey care and edible landscaping

The Ren Den

  • afterhours experimental radio show 

Sintree Zine

  • unofficial chaos in print

Arthropod Ambassadors

  • the critters that wear their bones as their skin

Practice the world you
want to see,

The energy we enact is the universe in motion, be a force of goodness and giving.